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510 S. Sullivan Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99037


It's only done once. Shouldn't it be done right?

The chart below compares what is offered at Pet Vet Hospital & Wellness Center to what you'll get at most spay/neuter clinics:


Pet Vet- Yes

Spay/Neuter Clinics- Maybe NOT
Will the Doctor use inhalent maintenance anesthesia? Yes Injectable drugs are cheaper but far less safe than inhalant anesthesia. 
Wellness Testing Prior to Surgery
Allows Doctor to evaluate pet's internal health
Yes Few low cost spay/neuter clinics have  in-house diagnostic equipment to perform these safety test. 
Continually monitor Temperature, Pulse and Respiration Yes Few low cost spay/neuter clinics have blood pressure and EKG monitoring available.
IVC and Fluids
Hydration, establish emergency port, rinses, anesthesia

With limited resources this is a safety measure not typically offered in a spay/neuter clinic. 


Pre and Post Surgical Pain Management
Monitor and recover on heated bedding
Yes Many offer a minimal level of pain relief for an additional fee. We believe pain management should be mandatory and not an option. 
Sterilized Surgery Suite
Masked, gowned and gloved with fully autoclaved instruments
Many low-cost surgical programs don't have the funds to provide basic sterile gowns and gloves for each individual surgery.
Focused on Caring for Individual Pet Family Members Yes While Spay and neuter clinics provide a valuable service to any community, their primary objective is to spay/neuter the masses, not provide individualized, personal care. 

We are an AAHA Certified Hospital which ensures the highest surgical standards. Learn more: https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/about_aaha/why_accreditation_matters/about_accreditation/aaha_standards_help_your_pet_receive_quality_surgical_care.aspx

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