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            5 Ways to save money on Veterinary Care

              Years ago, kidney transplants, radiation, 3-D prosthetic limbs and root canals were not really considered viable options in veterinary medicine. Today, all of that has changed. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, there’s almost no limit to what you can do for your pet. The question of care often comes down to cost.  The following are a few ideas to help you save money while providing quality care for your pet:

1) Invest in Preventative Health Care-

             Preventative Care Examinations allow our Doctors to identify issues before they become large medical problems, thus saving discomfort for your pet and treating when they are less problematic and more affordable. An example may be seeing early signs of gingivitis and professionally cleaning the teeth before waiting until your pet has bad breath, swollen gums, pain, broken teeth and abscesses.

             Vaccinating a pet is always less expensive than treating the disease they protect. For instance, a 3-year parvo vaccination may run in the range of $40 while treating the parvo virus can range anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 assuming it’s not too late to treat.  Proper nutrition, parasite prevention, regular dental cleaning and routine diagnostics are wise investments in your pet’s health.

2) Consider Pet Health Insurance-

            No matter how careful you are, torn cruciate ligaments, slipped spinal discs and intestinal foreign bodies can happen. Surgeries to repair these common conditions can be among the most expensive veterinary procedures. Pet health insurance can help defray the costs, so you don’t have to make a difficult decision based on your finances.

            In addition, it’s smart to set aside some money in a pet savings account. You never know with pets when unforeseen needs may arise.

3) Don’t Wait Until it’s an Emergency-

            Emergency pet services requiring overnight or weekend care are often having significantly higher cost than scheduling appointments in the daytime.  Some daytime practices have an additional charge for “walk-in or emergency” visits. Something to ask prior to scheduling.

4) Learn At-home Pet Maintenance

            Do-it-yourself bathing, nail trimming, tooth brushing, and ear maintenance can save you a lot over the course of a year. We will be happy to show you how.

5) Keep Your Pet Lean

            Obesity in pets can make them more likely to develop osteoarthritis, diabetes, crucial ligament injuries and other conditions that aren’t healthy for your pet or your finances. Helping your pet maintain an optimal weight is one of the best ways to avoid these expenses. Studies show it could even help your dog live almost 2 years longer than heavier pets. And what could be better than spending less money on medical care and having more healthy years with your pet?

            Our goal continues to “Add years to your pet’s life and life to your pet’s years” as cost effective for you and pain free for your pet.

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